Scratch 3.0
Hour of Code login all grade codes are at the bottom of this page
Coding Angry Birds
Coding Lightbot-gr2 
Beebot and map online
Blockly only on Chrome on Chromebooks

Computational Thinking Symbaloo for coding

​Secret coders novel:

After you finish the class activities here are more games!
HOC Studio more games

Hour of Code Unplugged Activities- withOUT computers
Thinkersmith activities

Programming intro- Red Bird
Can you help Red Bird catch the naughty pig? Stack a couple of "move forward" blocks together and press "Run Program" to help him get there using code you created.

Programming -Farmer
The farmer needs your help to flatten the field on his farm so it's ready for planting. Move him to the pile of dirt and use the "remove" block to remove it using code you create.

Programming- Lite-Bot
The goal of Light-bot is tolight up all the blue squaresusing programming!  There is a basic, procedures, and loops program to explore.

There are Full Screen andLanguage options in the top-right of the game.

Flappy programming

Khan Academy Hour of Code
Learn Java Script


Scratch create your own

Blockly for Kids/Parents/Teachers 

Blockly has created the maze tutorial to introduce children to programming and have more tutorials under construction. Keep posted through their Google+ page. The first puzzle provided is the simplest one, the difficulty level on the other five is a greater challenge.


The company Tynker is offering students the free use of eight coding websites to help celebrate the Hour of Code. Students are not required to login if they access these websites from the Tynker Hour of Code page. Simply click on the picture link provided to get started. These coding games are recommended for first through eight graders.

Tutorials for phones and tablets


BBC Computing

Apps to download at home:
Daisy the DInosaur