Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

Language Arts
5th Grade Interactive
Grammar skiing game 
Grammar practice(nouns, verbs, adjectives) 
Grammar games (punctuation, structure, prefix/suffix, word types)
Grammar Games 2 
Grammar Gorilla
Internet4Classrooms-skills by category
Poetry-Diamante Poetry
Poetry- Free Verse Poetry
Poetry- Quatrain Poetry
Rootword game
Sentence or Fragment game Flyod Danger Game

Angles measuring interactive
Area Explorer
Area and Perimeter
Baseball Geometry
Basketball Math practice +,
Bracket basics
First in Math
Fractions blocks interactive 
Comparing fractions
Fractions1-what they are and practice
Fractions2- visual fractions 
Fractions- adding and subtracting fractions
Fractions- multiplying fractions
Graphing- Create a Graph
Graph-nce site
Internet4Classrooms-skills by category

IXL Math Skills 
Johnny's math practices gr5
Math BBC games
Math Magician-practice
Mean and Median
Mean Median mode BBC
Mean Median Mode-AAA
Mean Median Mode- train
Mean Median Mode- practice
Multiplication game
Multiplication practice
Order of Operation game
Rounding Numbers-Mr. Nusbaum
Percentages the legends game
Prime or composite AAA
Prime or composite numbers
Prime Factors
Probability marble activity
Ratios blocks interactive
SafeSurf online
SMART pages-gr 5
Spaghetti and Meatballs for All-area & perimeter

BBC- science activities
Biomes of the World
Chesapeake Bay - Bayville Thinkport
Chesapeake- Bay Trippers
Chesapeake- NASA Chespeake
Chesapeake Bay Program -Watershed
Comets, Asteroids, meteors
Cool Science activities
Electrical Conductors-BBClessonand conductors
Electricity Circuits
Physics games
Planets-Enchanted Forest
Planets- Build a solar system
Planets- what would your age be
Properities of Materials
Science practice-Crickweb
Space- G5.Q2.L5
Solids Liquids Gases
Water Cycle-Kidzone
Water-Importance interactive sites-

Social Studies
American Revolution-KidsKonnect
American Revolution/Time For
Am Revolution for Kids
Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights/ Constitution
Bill of Rights game
Bill of Rights/ SCH simulated congressional hearing
Bully- stop bully
Colonial America-people, places,life, clothing & more
Colonial America-- see what life was like
Colonial America
Colonial America
Colonial America- economy video -1
Colonial America-clothing
Colonial America- PBS interactive
Colonial America-
“Roles of Colonial Men and Women” Prezi presentation -2
Colonial Williamsburg trade -3
Colonial life- many resources 
Colonial life in Maryland
Constitution for kids
Constitution Timeline
Government site- 3 Branches and more! 
History Alive-Am Revolution interactive quizes-do #1
History Alive Online Study Tool
Inventions history timelines interactive
Manufacturing Chocolate interactive
National Geographic for Kids-CURRENT Events
Simulated Congressional Hearing SCH
Social Studies for kids- -CURRENT Events
Time Magazine for Kids Magazine -CURRENT Events
Timeline maker-Read Write Think
Transportation: A Smithsonian simulation
Underground Railroad-Scholastic
Underground Railroad-National Geographic
US Map challenge
War of 1812-interactive
Weekly Reader- interactive biographies
Weekly Reader-CURRENT Events  
Wonders Around the World game find the differences

Heart Foundation
Smoking info site
Smoking info PBS
Smoking info KidsHealth


Be Internet Awesome- Google  Interland 
Binary coding- How it works
Coding- HOC activities do not save

Coding- HOC activities do not save
CT -Personal narractive help
Dancemat Typing Practice
Data Defenders game
Digital Netiquette 
Digital Passport

Hector's World internet safety videos
Hector's World Computer security
Hector's World Cyberbully  
Internet Safety Cybersmart
Internet Safety Cybersmart Detectives

Interland- Mindful Mountain
Password Dino password

Scratch Symbaloo link tutorials
Safe Surfing gr3
Safe Surfing gr4
Safe Surfing gr5
Share Jumper Common Sense game

5th grade Book Reviews
Book reviews for Children by Children
Gwen Diehn
KidLit book reviews
Kids Reads reviews
Scholastic Book Reviews
SlimeKids reviews
Spaghetti Book Club reviews
The Reading Tub reviews