First Grade

First Grade

Language Arts
1st Grade Interactive
ABCya 1st grade math and language activities  
​Britannica Encyclopedia​
Dr. Seuss play
Dr. Seuss On the Loose- Mrs. Walker Symbaloo
Dr. Seuss- PBS
Dr. Seuss- Seussville
Reading comprehension
Reading practice many stories to pick
Site words
​Site word practice
Starfall- Practice reading and other activities
Text features
Text feature- memory game


Add 10
Adding activities
Adding- Space Jumps
Adding- Pop n Drop
Adding- using blocks interactive-math playground  
Add and Subtract
Even and odd numbers
Five Frame
Fractions Fling
Fractions- AAAmath practice
Fraction Flag -learning about fractions
Fractions- show the fraction
Geometry- attribute blocks -different shapes
Graphs- Pictographs
Internet4Classrooms-skills by category
Ixl math- listed by skills 
Johnny's Math practice gr1 
Math Facts- addition practice ABCya site
Math Facts practice- Basketball

Math practice-counting,time,shapes,ICT GAMES SITE
Measurement using a ruler 
Measuring Strolling with my Gnomies

Minus Mission
Minus 10
Minus Mania
Missing (+ _ x /)
Money Coin Bubble
Money- Counting Money

Number Pieces- Base 10 blocks for counting
Odd and even
Probability spinner

Subtracting activities
Subtraction- Something's Missing
Sum of the Dice
Telling Time
Time- Analog and Digital
Time- to the hour
Telling Time
Time- What time is it?

Animals National Geographic Kids
Animals- San Diego Zoo- kids
Earth Day Go Green
Earth Day-recycle rescue
Earth Day
Earth, Sun, Moon
Forces push pull
Fossils 2

Frog activities online
Healthy Habits 
Healthy Food matching
Healthy teeth
Healthy teeth puzzle
Health- keep away from germs
Hide and Seek Nature​
Lifecycle- Frog
Lifecycle- Ladybugs
Moon phases
Moon phases 
Moon phases- game 
Moon phases matching
NASA Kid's Club
National Geographic for kids
Nature's Art box
Penguins- Emperor
Penguins- Emperor National Geographic
Penguins facts
Penguin Photos
Penguins story -Starfall  
Plant Life game

Simple Machine brainpop
Simple Machine
Simple Machine invent a machine
Solar System starchild

Social Studies
Bens Guide governement
Community helper- Listen and read
Community helpers
Community helpers 
Goods and Services
Goods and Services- economics

Internet Safety/Typing
Beebot programing online
Faux Paw Internet Movie only at home
Flappy Bird coding
Garfleld cyberbullying
Garfield Cyber safety 

Internet Safety Cyber 5
Keyboard Challenge
Keyboard typing ninja
Keyboarding Keyboard jump
Keep Safe- Faux Paw Techno Cat
Letter Leaper typing
Netsmartz-learn with Clicky
Netsmartz- Netiquette video
​Typing Practice

FInd the Technology
Hello Ruby Inside a Computer story read aloud